Tre, kol, pust, liv

The Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole

The Oceanic Feeling by Randi Nygård

Text for Munan Øvrelid by Randi Nygård

Bird Father Numbers, Eye Hand, Stone Water Wind by Randi Nygård

Høyttenkeren by Randi Nygård

Kjersti Vetterstad - Quest in Paradise by Randi Nygård

Munan Øvrelid - Stein vind vatn fugl blom av Randi Nygård

Careful Management and Studies of Relations by David Jager and Trent Hunter

Careful Management and Study of Relations by Sarah Jane Gorlitz and Wojciech Olejnik

Reason and Emotion - Poetic Revolution and Social Imagination by Randi Nygård

Randi Nygård by Wojciech Olejnik

Time Being Being Time by Randi Nygård and Rebecca Partridge

Randi Nygård by Simon Harvey

Mining Romanticism, a New Strike on an Old Seam by Simon Harvey

Neighbours in Arts by Andreas Schlaegel